Registration & Club Fees

Paid Once Per Calendar Year

  • Registration Fees: $150


Paid Per Season

  • Club Fees: August - November $450
  • Club Fees: January - May $450


Club fees include:

  • Training 2-3 times per week (February - May) with fully lit outdoor facilities in the Nolensville & Spring Hill/Columbia areas during each regular season.
  • Indoor training at Nolensville Sports Arena & Game Time during the month of January.
  • Rainout coverage at no additional cost, so that you receive make-up sessions when there is inclement weather.


Team Fees:

This is the money collected from the parents for the tournament/game fees that each team encounters per season. Every team has their own team fee values and are dependent on where the team plays and how often the team plays.

All teams play a minimum of 3 tournaments in a season and play games in between tournaments.


**All fees can be paid in installments except registration fee.**